Brush Anatomy

Cutting-Edge Synthetic Fiber Technology

Highest quality synthetic filament only available at high-end department stores

Unique fiber features a micro-studded surface that mimics the exterior cuticle of the finest natural hair

Texturing process creates the soft but structured surface, enabling powder pick up

Extremely durable this fiber technology does not lose shape, degrade or breakdown unlike fragile, natural hair

100% animal free & hypoallergenic

Made with love. No animal-derived components. Hypoallergenic dermatologist tested.

Titanium-Plated Ferrule

Highest quality metal only found in high-end, professional brushes

Non-corrosive superior durability and resistance to damage

Doubled-crimped for stability and to prevent brush heads from detaching and bristles from shedding

Rubberized Handle

High impact acrylic coated in a rubberized “soft touch” finish for added comfort and grip

Specifically designed to withstand even the most intense daily use and repeated cleansing

Matte finish for a high-end, edgy look

Brush name printed and color coded to easily identify brush type